Four Paths to Value Creation

Management at Elevation Gold sees four blue-sky opportunities for valuation creation:

  1. Optimize and Expand the Moss Mine
    We have a fully operational mine with exceptional Brownfields exploration potential to build into a long-term profitable producer.  Optimizing mine efficiency in step with mine expansion should not only generate returns in the short term, but also provide the cash flow engine for growth in the medium term.
  1. Realize Regional Exploration Potential at Moss
    Assessing the numerous gold-silver exploration targets on the district-scale Moss property will potentially provide further long-term growth opportunities for mining operations.  
  1. Realize Exploration Potential at Hercules
    Assess the numerous near-surface low sulfidation oxidized gold-silver exploration targets on the district-scale Hercules property.  Conduct delineation drilling of the large-scale Hercules oxidized system in the northern parts of the property, as well as the Sirens, Pony Meadows, and Como-Comets targets in the central and southern parts of the property towards generating one or more maiden resource estimates for the project.
  1. Increase Capital Markets Presence
    Through enhanced marketing and capital markets exposure, target graduation to senior exchanges in the US and Canada, improved liquidity and qualification for inclusion in a mining index or ETF.