Three Paths to Value Creation

Elevation Gold merged with Eclipse Gold Mining because management of both companies saw three blue-sky opportunities to increase per-share value for investors:

  1. Expand the Moss Mine
    We have a fully-operating, efficient mine with exceptional exploration potential to build into a significant, long-term profitable producer. It will not only generate shareholder returns, but also provide the cash flow engine for growth.
  1. Realize Exploration Potential at Hercules
    A district-scale project with significant, near-surface grades. The main premise driving exploration is that four large surface gold systems may be connected at a deeper level, creating one large, oxidized system. Exploration to date supports this premise.
  1. Increase Capital Markets Presence
    Through enhanced marketing and capital markets exposure, target graduation to senior exchanges in the US and Canada, improved liquidity and qualification for inclusion in a mining index or ETF.