Corporate Responsibility

Elevation Gold's exploration and development activities are conducted in a manner that minimizes risk to the environment, public health, and safety. Elevation Gold believes that natural resources can be developed and utilized consistent with proper stewardship of the environment and contribute positively to the benefit of local communities and stakeholders. Elevation Gold understands that exploration and mining operations in North America are strictly regulated by a comprehensive set of federal, provincial, and state laws that ensure air and water resources are protected, employees are properly trained, and that work is conducted in safe conditions.

North American mining companies voluntarily apply Canadian and U.S. environmental and workplace standards to their operations around the world. The industry is always looking for ways to improve its environmental and social performance. We learn from experience, our work with regulatory bodies, and our interaction with host communities.

Elevation Gold is committed to responsible exploration and development. We conduct all our activities in such a manner as to protect the physical environment, our employees, and the public. This mandate begins with the initial exploration and drilling phase of a project and is consistent through all stages of project development, planning, operations, and future project reclamation.

Our corporate governance policies include a Whistle Blower Policy which can be accessed here. Notifications pursuant to the Whistle Blower Policy can be sent directly to the Chairman of the Audit Committee at