Hercules Project

Location25 miles (40 kilometers) southeast of Reno on the Walker Lane Gold Trend
AccessState highways and paved roads from Reno and Carson City
Deposit TypeLow sulphidation epithermal
MineralsGold and silver

Hercules is a district-scale project with significant, near-surface grades. The main premise driving exploration is that four large surface gold systems may be connected at a deeper level, creating one very large oxidized system.

For technical information, see our latest Technical Report.

Annual Information Form dated 11/2021



The Hercules Gold Project is located in Lyon County, Nevada, about 40 kilometers to the southeast of Reno. Access is via state highways and paved roads and takes about an hour by vehicle. The Hercules property is approximately 100 square kilometers in size and forms part of the historic Como Mining District in the northern end of the Pine Nut Mountains. Consolidation of previously piecemeal exploration areas in the district by Elevation Gold has allowed for an improved understanding of the geological controls on mineralization and exploration strategy optimization.



The Hercules property straddles the flanks of a large collapsed volcanic center in the Walker Lane transtensional belt (see RegionalGeology_HerculesGoldProject_Website.jpg).  Low sulfidation epithermal-style alteration and gold-silver mineralization appears to be associated with an extensive volcanic center-related hydrothermal system that was variably controlled by extensional structures and rock permeability, being hosted in veins, vein breccia, vein stockwork, and zones of elevated silica alteration in faults, fractures, and, where available, permeable volcanic and volcaniclastic host rocks.  Property-scale curviplanar listric faults concentric about the volcanic center and associated lower order structures represent important exploration targets on the Hercules property, especially where these developed in and adjacent to more permeable rock units. Similar volcanic center-related epithermal gold-silver mineralization systems in the Walker Lane tectonic belt include Round Mountain and Bullfrog.



Exploration conducted by Elevation Gold on the property to date includes geological mapping, satellite hyperspectral alteration mapping, surface rock chip geochemical sampling, phytogeochemical vegetation sampling, ground and airborne geophysical surveys, compilation of historic geological, geochemical, and drilling data into a cohesive and comprehensive property geological database, and completion of 40 reverse circulation drillholes in two programs in 2020 (see HerculesProjectDrilling_Website.jpg and Annual Information Form dated 11/2021).   A total of 14 exploration target areas have been defined across the property, with a further eight requiring evaluation for elevation to exploration target status.  Drill testing has largely been focused on the Hercules, Cliffs, Northeast, Rattlesnakes, and Loaves target areas.  Limited historical drill testing was conducted on the Sirens and Pony Meadows areas.  Elevation Gold has received Notice Of Intent permits for drilling the Sirens and Como-Comets areas..